Adoption Procedures

There is a $60 NON-REFUNDABLE FEE for all animals which needs to be cash or a check - NO CREDIT CARDS. If the animal is not spayed or neutered there is a $35 REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT upon proof of surgery. An adoption application must be filled out at the Shelter by the person wishing to adopt the animal. Once the application has been reviewed and approved the potential adopter may visit and meet any of the animals. All cats must leave the Shelter in a cat carrier. Please bring a cat carrier


All animals older than 3 months of age are given rabies vaccine. Unless there is proof of a prior rabies vaccine, the vaccine is good for one year. All animals are given at least one dose of deworming medication. All cats receive a feline distemper combo vaccine (good for one year) and are tested for FeLV/FIV.

Cats available at the Shelter and Petco

With the opening of Petco in Batavia in September 2008, we have been able to adopt cats and kittens directly from the store. Petco has provided us with 6 cages, assists with the daily care and adoption of the cats. We are very grateful for the help the Petco staff have given to us to help promote adoption of shelter animals. It has been a huge success so far and we look forward to a long and happy relationship with the staff of the Batavia Petco Store. You can visit our cats and kittens at Petco anytime during their regular store hours. The store is located in the Target Plaza on Veteran's Memorial Highway in the Town of Batavia.

If a cat is at Petco, it will state it in the description.  All other cats are available at the Shelter. If you have any questions regarding any of the cats, please email

Spay It Forward!

Volunteers For Animals has paid for the animals to be spayed or neutered before they are adopted. Please consider making a donation towards our spay/neuter program. 100% of your donation will be used to spay or neuter animals from Genesee County. Donations are tax deductible!

Before You Adopt

You may want to take the time to read some of the articles on Adopting a Cat. There is a nice collection of topics to help make adopting a cat a great experience for everyone.


Hank (1).jpg


  • Tiger and White DLH

  • Adult/Male

  • Neutered with donations to VFA

  • Currently in a foster home




  • Tiger and White DSH

  • Adult/Female

  • Spayed with donations to VFA

    Emily came in with kittens but now she is ready to have her own life. She is a shy kitty who will need a quiet home and patient human. She loves to be petted and will purr when showered with love!



  • Black DSH

  • Adult/Spayed Female

  • Available at Petco

    Oreo was turned in with another cat. She is friendly and outgoing and is said to be good with both cats and dogs.

Bonnie (2).jpg


  • Brown Tiger DLH

  • Young/Female

  • Spayed with donations to VFA

Hi! I’m Bonnie, and I love to play. I get along well with other cats, especially if they like to play too. I would like a cat friend. I also think I could learn to get along with a calm dog if we’re introduced slowly. I’m about 9 months old, and I’m a polydactyl. That means I have extra toes. Look at my great big paws!! The better to play with you!

I like to sit on people’s laps and purr, after I’ve played myself tired! When I know you, I’ll say ‘hello’ when you greet me. I like to watch the birds out the window, because, of course, I’m an indoor cat. My coat is semi-long and silky. I’m slowly learning to be combed (I’d rather play!). But a once-a-week quick comb through should keep my coat in tiptop condition.

When I came to the shelter I had a lot of worms. They really irritated my digestive system. The worms are long gone and I’m recovering from the irritation. The veterinarian has checked me out and says I’m well on my way to complete healing. I still eat special food to help me along. And I never miss the litter box.

I stayed in a foster home for a while and had some really fun toys. When you decide to adopt me, my foster mom will give you my favorite toys to help me adjust to my new home more quickly. They’re too big for my tiny apartment here at the shelter, and they’d get lost.

Won’t you consider adopting me? I know I can fit in to your family, and give you a lot of purrs and cuddles, and be a great companion.



  • Black DSH

  • Adult/Female

  • Spayed with donations to VFA

    Marie is a very sweet cat that came in with two kittens. Mom and kittens were well cared for by a family with children, dogs and other cats.

Henry (3).jpg


  • Black and White DLH

  • Young/Male

  • Neutered with donations to VFA

Henry is a sweet guy who is a little shy. He came in with another cat - he is good with other cats and dogs. Henry has a cloudy eye but the vet took a look at it and said he is fine and nothing needs to be done with it. Most likely he was sick when he was tiny and did not get early treatment.

Update on Henry - he is doing much better (less shy). He loves attention and enjoys hanging out at the window to watch the birds. He recently had a dental with some teeth removed. He did great and is ready for a new home!



  • Torby DSH

  • Adult/Female

  • Spayed with donations to VFA



  • White and Gray DSH

  • Adult Male

  • Neutered with donations to VFA

    Jess came to us as a stray. He is a really nice cat who loves attention but only your attention. He needs to be your only pet. His ear is a little “crumpled.” We are not sure if he was born that way or maybe frost bite? Regardless, he is not bothered by it!



  • Tiger and White DSH

  • Adult Neutered Male/Declawed

    Chase is an older guy that was found outside the Dollar Store. He is a gentle kitty who deserves a loving home. We estimate him to be at least 7 years old.

Princess (1).jpg


  • Calico DSH

  • Young/Female

  • Spayed with donations to VFA

    Princess is a stray kitty that was found with kittens. She is done with kittens and ready for her own life. She is very sweet, loves attention and is good with children and dogs.



  • Torti/Calico DSH

  • Adult/Spayed Female

  • Microchipped

    Callie is one of the luckiest kitties in Genesee County! She was found by someone who took her in, gave her a safe place to live, took her to the vet for shots, microchipping and spaying! Callie is a great cat - she is very sweet and affectionate. Her finder says she would make a wonderful lap cat. She is good with children, dogs and other cats too!