Adoption Procedures

There is a $60 NON-REFUNDABLE FEE for all animals which needs to be cash or a check - NO CREDIT CARDS. If the animal is not spayed or neutered there is a $35 REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT upon proof of surgery. An adoption application must be filled out at the Shelter by the person wishing to adopt the animal. Once the application has been reviewed and approved the potential adopter may visit and meet any of the animals. All cats must leave the Shelter in a cat carrier. Please bring a cat carrier


All animals older than 3 months of age are given rabies vaccine. Unless there is proof of a prior rabies vaccine, the vaccine is good for one year. All animals are given at least one dose of deworming medication. All cats receive a feline distemper combo vaccine (good for one year) and are tested for FeLV/FIV.

Cats available at the Shelter and Petco

With the opening of Petco in Batavia in September 2008, we have been able to adopt cats and kittens directly from the store. Petco has provided us with 6 cages, assists with the daily care and adoption of the cats. We are very grateful for the help the Petco staff have given to us to help promote adoption of shelter animals. It has been a huge success so far and we look forward to a long and happy relationship with the staff of the Batavia Petco Store. You can visit our cats and kittens at Petco anytime during their regular store hours. The store is located in the Target Plaza on Veteran's Memorial Highway in the Town of Batavia.

If a cat is at Petco, it will state it in the description.  All other cats are available at the Shelter. If you have any questions regarding any of the cats, please email

Spay It Forward!

Volunteers For Animals has paid for the animals to be spayed or neutered before they are adopted. Please consider making a donation towards our spay/neuter program. 100% of your donation will be used to spay or neuter animals from Genesee County. Donations are tax deductible!

Before You Adopt

You may want to take the time to read some of the articles on Adopting a Cat. There is a nice collection of topics to help make adopting a cat a great experience for everyone.




  • Buff DSH

  • Adult/Male

  • Neutered with donations to VFA

Henry was obviously someone’s pet once, but only he knows when he became lost or abandoned.  He was being fed with a group of feral cats for at least a year when he was trapped and neutered along with the rest.  It quickly became apparent that Henry deserved more than a life of living rough because he is such a sweet cat.  Henry prefers to be your only pet - he wants to be the star of the show.  He is so looking forward to finding his furever home where he can look out through a sunny window, instead of looking in from the outside.  Come in and meet him!


Kelly (1).jpg


  • Torby DSH

  • Adult/Spayed Female






  • Black and White DSH

  • Adult/Female

  • Spayed with donations to VFA

Harli is a really nice cat who becomes nervous and over grooms when stressed. She was very unhappy at the shelter, over grooming and not eating. After two months in a foster home she became very relaxed and happy. 

Harli craves human company and is looking for a quiet home with people who will give her time to become settled and comfortable. She plays with toys but really loves to sit on laps and be brushed. She would get along with a quiet, laid back dog or cat, but may not do well with a lot of activity. She has been an indoor cat all her life (about 5 years). However, she does love sitting in a window watching the birds. Her favorite foods are Kit N Kaboodle and a little chicken flavor canned.

Harli is not keen on heavy cuddling but does love lap sitting. She is great company and will follow you around, just to be with you.

This is a very charming and engaging cat who takes a bit of time to become comfortable in new situations. Won’t you give her a chance to become your new best friend?


Ginger (1).jpg


  • Calico/Tiger DSH

  • Adult/Female

  • Spayed with donations to VFA

Hi! I'm Ginger. I am the sweetest little lady who just needs a warm bed, a gentle hand and a large bowl of food. I love to rub my chin on anything and everything, your hand, the chair, your feet and the dog! I just came out of foster care after having oral surgery to remove most of my teeth. Even with only two teeth, I am stunning! I have completed my antibiotics and have been given a clean bill of health from the vet. 

I can only eat soft food but boy can I eat it like a champ. I am still a little shy with people but if you sit quietly I will come to you. I am very affectionate. I appear to have experience with other animals and enjoyed head bumping and rubbing on my foster mom's dog. I was also introduced to another cat who I also head bumped and rubbed against. So I seem to be familiar with and enjoy other animals. 

I am a sweet little gem if I do say so myself and will be the most lovable, loyal companion. Come meet me soon!




  • Torti DLH

  • Adult/Spayed/Declawed Female

Mosley is approximately 10 years old. She is a sweet lap cat that likes to be brushed.




  • Orange and White DSH

  • Adult/Spayed Female




  • Pastel Torti DSH

  • Adult/Female

  • Spayed with donations to VFA on 9/26




  • Black and White DSH

  • Adult/Spayed Female




  • Black DLH

  • Adult/Neutered Male


Tiger Mom.jpg

Tiger Mom

  • Tiger DSH

  • Adult/Female

  • Spayed with donations to VFA